Month : May 2016

Disney-A Free Stay And 1st In The Park!

When planning a trip to Disney, many people have tips & strategies to try to get an edge.  These may come in the form of minimizing lines, securing the best parade and prime fireworks spot, or booking that impossible dining reservation. The first time we went to Disney, back in 2007, I started reading and planning more than a year in advance.  I had all of our character meals booked on the requisite 180th day prior and knew exactly which park we were going to each day, which section of... more

Don’t Go Camp Shopping Without Reading This First

This picture was taken in 2011, the first year that my kids went to sleep away camp. This summer will be their 6th. We have done a lot of camp shopping over the years! CAMP SHOPPING LIST SUNSCREEN, BUG SPRAY, WATER BOTTLES, COOLERS, LUNCH BOXES, GOGGLES, TOWELS, BATTERIES, SPORTS EQUIPMENT....... The list goes on and on noting what many of us must purchase each summer for camp.  Regardless if it's sleep away camp, day camp, a specialized sports camp, or the local town or preschool... more

Three Simple Things You Can Do Right Now For More Points And Miles

Daniel, At 10 Months, On His First Plane Ride To Utah.  He Earned Miles On This Flight And Has Been Earning Miles Ever Since!  Can you answer yes to the following questions? Are you taking cash out of your wallet on a regular basis?   Are you paying bills out of your bank accounts? Is any member of your family not getting credit for their flights?   If you did answer yes to any of the above, I would like to offer three suggestions.  I bet that after you read them, you can take away... more

I’ll Have The Blue Chips

My family has flown on JetBlue many times and we were happy every flight.  JetBlue has many features that make the airline very appealing for family travel. First, in my experience, JetBlue generally has availability (book in advance!) and affordable prices for flights using dollars OR points.  Second, JetBlue's loyalty program, TrueBlue, allows families to pool their points into a family pot, thereby making it easier to use the points.  Third, for families that want to fly with their... more