Month : June 2016

Traveling Abroad – Leave Your Cash At Home!

My friend, who is biking through France in a couple of weeks, inspired me to write this post.  Needless to say, I am jealous.  However, it has motivated me to offer some useful advice. Let me start by acknowledging that how Brexit will affect your European travel is above my pay scale. However, I will say that for those traveling to the U.K., dollars are currently worth a lot more in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.  Shop away! Now that summer is officially here, many... more

Visit Alexander Camelton – The Camel Named After Hamilton – On Points!

To this day, I cannot look at the Preamble to the Constitution without singing it to the tune of the Schoolhouse Rock song.  I still know the Preamble by heart. For Social Studies extra credit, my son, Daniel, has been trying to memorize the lyrics to the Billy Joel song, "We didn't Start The Fire".  If he succeeds, I am confident he will always remember the words, historical figures and events that make up this song as well. Schoolhouse Rock, Billy Joel and now Hamilton are onto... more